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My skills

I am a graphic designer, experienced group facilitator and technology enthusiast with a background in electronics.

I'm passionate about making humans and machines understand each other.





'What does your product need?'
'What does your user need?'
'How should this look?'
'How to make it happen?'


Highlights of some relevant deliveries.



Richeli Sachetti


Viva o Laranjal


Bonde Andando Podcast

ANAC - E-learning Course and Flight Simulator

You can find more shots of my work at Behance.

My Journey

A piece of my story.

  • 2007-11

    E-learning content

    I've started my carrear working with online learning and distance education at DTCOM (formerly FabriCO), where I entered as an intern and left as a partner. There, I stayed for 4 year and was part of, as well as led, interface projects for learning enviroments, online content intereactive modules and applied games.

  • 2011-15

    A crowdlearning platform

    In 2011 I, together with 2 partners, opened the first crowdlearning startup in Brazil, launching in early 2012 a collaborative learning platform called Nos.vc. Our mission was to offer tools for anyone to share their knowledge, in face-to-face meetings of any kind (courses, lectures, workshops, forums etc).

  • 2015-17

    Public Service Innovation

    Due to my skills as a designer and facilitator in the field of innovation, in 2015 I was invited to join the Tellus Group team. The possibility of working on high impact projects was what led me to accept their invitation and get deeply involved for the 2 years I've worked there.

  • 2017-18


    In 2017, coupled with the decision to move to Germany, I decided to move closer to the technology market once again, seeking to bring together my experiences with digital interfaces, online communities and innovation projects focused on user experience into a market with great potential for impact.

  • WHAT

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Leo Correa


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